Quality Hair Care Products

Our company has 15 years of experience in developing and producing care and styling products in the "Health and Hair Care" sector. Investing in premium product lines, continuous improvement process and gaining valuable experience has given us a leading role in the market.

The products in our products are subjected to high test criteria. The entire product range is based on the best ingredients, natural salts and oils and is exclusively produced locally "Made in Germany". Harmful chemicals and additives are completely avoided.

Tanis Professional hair care products bring new life and shine to lifeless and damaged hair.

We look forward to working with you and your company!

Alman Yapımı Profesyonel Ürünler.

  • Yumuşak Dokunuş

    Saçınız parlaklık ve yeterli nem ile birlikte pürüzsüz ve yumuşak kalacaktır.

  • Doğal

    Tüm ürün yelpazemiz yüksek kaliteli içeriklere, doğal tuzlara ve yağlara dayanmaktadır.

  • Tüm Gün Rahatlığı

    Saç renginiz, sanki kuaförünüz işi yeni bitirmiş gibi her gün göz kamaştırıcı görünecek.

Environmentally Friendly Production

We are sustainable!

At TANIS we believe in the universal truth that binds us all together, our dependence on the world and its environment for survival. It enables us to continuously strive for a more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations. Every day, we take bold steps to reduce our impact on the planet and become a truly climate-neutral organization. We are determined to protect the world for those who come after us, and it is our privilege to do our part to secure a bright and thriving future for all.

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